25th County of London Cyclist Battalion
The London Regiment


The evidence that connects Barton to the 25th London Bn is the Territorial Force Efficency Medal that he was issued with in 1919. It is not known which line he served in, but it was most likely the 3/35th. The Territorial Force Efficiency Medal was awarded for long service in the Territorial Force. The criteria were for a minimum of 12 years service.


Without knowing his full name further service cannot be ascertained, however the group of medals auctioned (as below) included a dress minature Military Cross. However as the lot included at least one masonic medal for a different person there is no way of knowing who the recipient(s) was of the medals apart from those inscribed.

A auction lot of this medal along with some Masonic medals were sold in 2016 :-

The Territorial Force Efficiency Medal, George V issue to 740008 SJT;M.C.W.BARTON. 25/LOND;R., a dress miniature Military Cross, George V issue, five silver Masonic jewels, including three enamelled examples, fourteen enamelled badges, formed as Tudor Roses and ten further items, (26).

[Sold by Bellmans Auctioneers & Valuerers - Sale of 6th-8th Sep 2016 for 300]



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