25th County of London Cyclist Battalion
The London Regiment


H.M.T. Derbyshire

The Derbyshire was one of the ships which brought the troops home from India. Herbert Chizlett was one of those.

The Bibby Line passenger steamship 'SS Derbyshire', which was built for the company in 1897 - it weighed 6,635 tons and was constructed at a cost of 130,000. The ship offered its passengers very comfortable facilities over the longer routes and operated as a one-class vessel.

During the First World War the ship was requisitioned to serve as His Majesty's Troopship 'Derbyshire', and H.M.T. Derbyshire continued in that service into the 1920s. When its troopship duties were ended the ship faced an uncertain future as passengers took to ever-bigger and more luxurious 'liners'. By 1927 the Derbyshire was serving only as a cargo ship and in 1931 it was scrapped.

The Derbyshire returned some of the troops of the 25th London Bn back to the UK, departing India on the 8 Nov 1919, arriving in the UK on the 4 Dec 1919.

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