25th County of London Cyclist Battalion
The London Regiment

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Diary of Charles Edward (Eddie) BOLTON 

Diary - Actual size.

April 16 1915 Joined 25th Cyclists Battalion. London Regiment

Jume 24

Joined 1st Batalion at Lowestoft
December 1st Battalion left Lowestoft for Swindon
February 4th 1916 Left Swindon for Devonport
February 6th Left Devonport
February 26th Arrived Bombay
February 29th Arrived Bangalore
December 1st Left Bangalore
December 8th Arrived Burhan
March 31st 1917 Left ditto
April 1st Arrived Jullinder
May 23rd Battalion left for North West Frontier
Waziristan F.F. (Field force)
August 18th Battalion returned to Jullinder
August 25th Left Jullinder for Gharial
August 28th Battalion arrived Gharial
September 3rd Went to Dagshai for teeth
September 13th Teeth supplied
September 16th Returned Jullinder
September 18th Left Jullinder
September 21st Arrived Gharial
October 16th Detailed for draft for lst/9th Middlesex
November 1st Left Gharial to join 1/9 Middlesex, Amtala
November 5th Joined 1/9 Amtala
November 14th Left Amtala for Karachi
November 16th Arrived Karachi
November 19th Sailed from Kiaman on SS Egra for Messapotamia
November 24th Arrived Basra
December 2nd Left Basra by river boat and slept atKurnah
December 3rd Left Kurnah and reached Amara by train (? Al Amarah)
December 13th Left Amara by boat
December 15th Arrived Kut (Al Kut)
December 17th Left Kut by train
December 18th Arrived Baghdad, Hinaidi Camp
December 23rd Left Hinaidi Camp for camp on N. W. side of river
January 14th Commenced Bombers (Sic)
February 9th Left Baghdad
February 10th Arrived Hillah
February 11th Crossed river to new camp
March 19th Left Hillah
March 21st Arrived Kufah
March 22nd Arrived Negef Blockade commenced
No 11 platoon occupied No 9 picquet on March 23rd
April 13th Left No 9 picquet
April 16th Left H.Q. to attack Sangh Hill at dawn on 17th. Captured hill without
casualties. Later in day occupied Thompson Tower.
April 19th Went to H.Q. and To Kufah for rest camp
April 21st Took over C 1 picquet
April 25th Took over C2 picquet
April 29th Went to H.Q.
May 5th H.Q. went to Marshalls (?) Kahn. No 11 took over Thompson Tower
and gates of city were opened at 12 Noon. Blockade finished. Picquets
were all withdrawn
May 9th Went to H.Q.
May 13th Left Negef for new station (C company only)
May 16th Arrived Hillah
May 17th Left Hillah, marched 17 miles, entrained and arrived Beled
May 18th Left Beled arrived Akhab. E.P. tents. Hot weather
May 25th Battalion arrived Akhab
June 25th Akhab. Promoted to Lance Corporal (unpaid)
July 1st Commenced gas course
July 15th Akhab commenced P.T. and bayonet course
August 5th Finished P.T. course
September 22nd Left Battalion for Baqubah refugee camp
September 24th Arrived refugee camp and reported 6am
October 1st Started 16 Section B Area as Q.M.S.
December 5th Took over A.S.M. 16 Section
March 28th 1919 Left Baqubah for home 12 noon 28'. Arrived Hinaidi. Baghdad 9pm
March 29th Left Hinaidi 9pm
March 30th Arrived Kut 6am
March 31st Left Kut by boat l Oam
April 1st Reached Amara 12 noon. Left Amara by train 6pm
April 2nd Arrived Basra 6am 2. B.B.D.
April 8th Left B.B.D. for embarkation camp
April 14th Left Basra on HMT Ekma for India 12 noon
April 18th Arrived Karachi. On arrival informed demob held up on account of
Punjab riot. Put in Battalion.
May 2nd Demob ordered to be carried on
May 5th Demob stopped on account of Afghan rising
May 9th No 4 Battalion left for Rawalpindi.
May 12th Arrived in Rawalpindi. Put in rest camp
June 8th Left Pindi for Peshawar 10 pin
June 9th (Whit Monday)Arrived Peshawar 6am Advanced Reinforcements Depot
June 26th Left Peshawar 3pm arrived Jamrud 7pm
June 27th Left Jamrud Sam by motor lorry. Through Khyber Pass to Landri Kotal Arrived 3pm
June 28th Left L.K. for Dakka. Marched. Arrived noon. Put in segregation camp.
July4th Joined 1St Yorks in camp
July 23rd Battle of Girdi. 5 killed, 14 wounded
July 30th Left Dakka for Peshawar by motor. Arrived 3pm
August 2nd Left Peshawar 4.30pm Special train.
August 6th Arrived Dedali 2pm
August 10th Left Dedali 9pm
August 11th Arrived Bombay Sam. Left Bombay Alex dock on SS Kasgar 3pm
August 17th Arrived Aden 2pm
August 21st Arrived Port Suez 2pm. Left 6pm
August 22th Arrived Port Said 1.30pm left 11 pm
August 26th Arrived Malta 6am left 2.30pm
August 29th Arrived Gibralter 11.30am
September 1st Arrived Plymouth 2pm Taken ashore by tender Sir Francis Drake.
By train to Crystal Palace
September 2nd Home
October 1st Leave ended. Finished.

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