25th County of London Cyclist Battalion
The London Regiment

Herbert W. TOMLIN

Tomlin's gun shot wound sustained in the Waziristan Campaign of 1917 is mentioned in two books :-

The London Cyclist Battalion - by the Old Comrades Assoc. 1932
On the South side, everyone had to cross a narrow rough plank bridge, which spanned an irrigation duct, to gain the path which led up the khud side to the camp. The enemy, realising this, concentrated their fire on this point. The Londons did not appreciate this fact until two casualties had been suffered (Feldon and Tomlin, both in "D" Coy.). The agility displayed by everyone, after this, in clearing the bridge, in many cases without actually touching it, was most commendable after a hard day's work.

Sunlight and Blue Shadow by Wendy Henningsson (writings of Edgar Phillips) - pg 62
Two of Edgar's particular pals were sniped on the march, the battalion was fired on as it marched through between the hills. In this way, Tomlin, with his finger off and Feldon with a shot through his leg became Edgar's patients.

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