25th County of London Cyclist Battalion
The London Regiment

The diary of Maurice JACOBS

Transcription kindly provided by Don Jacobs, grandson.

Left Devonport, England, 3:30pm.

Arrived at Prince Town, Seror Leon, West Africa.

Arrived at Bombay.

Calcutta, India. Went to the Zoological Gardens. Not half so large as own in London.

Museum, and in the evening went to Eden Gardens to hear the band.

Empire Theatre and saw A Waltz Dream which was very nice, after not seeing any plays for months. On the whole I had a very nice time in Calcutta.

Inocculated for Plague at Jullundur, India. The worst inocculation I have ever had.

Uncle Jim died.

For the first, and last time I expect. Cleanest man on guard, taken off to be B.R.O. orderly for the day. Jullundur, India.

My first C.B. run to orderly room for being late on Mosquito parade. Capt. Austin to take the case on Tues. Who said 13 was not unlucky.

Result of case, 3 days C.B.

Wonders will never cease. Got off guard again.

King's birthday. Given a holiday. Death of a Sike's Major on the 2nd June and was buried on the 3rd. So that spoilt the holiday. Had to get up at 3:30 a.m. and found it pouring of rain. Kept on till after the funeral, but it left the day nice and cool. That is the first drop of rain we have had for months.

I have spent all the summer in Jullundur, the best part of the Batt. being in the hills at Jutogh, Nr. Simla. It is very hot here and I am terribly fed up. Had quite a change last week by going to Phillour, 25 miles from here. We were turned out at 11 a.m. last Sunday 14th inst and shortly after were marching to the station with 200 rounds, rations etc. I carried a loaf of bread under my arm all the way and we wanted it later on to. We arrived there at 6 a.m. and there the Brig. was waiting for us and marched us up to the fort. For a wonder the fort was quite near the station. Phillour is the police training centre for the Punjaub, and the previous night they had joined in riot which they had been sent to quell. They have 2 1/2 Tahhs of finger prints there and they will find anyone named within five minute. A Tahh is a hundred thousand . On the Monday morning the Brig gave them a good talking to and prisoners were escorted away. In the afternoon 20 of our 50 men escorted them to Jullundur. On Wednesday our small kit arrived, (up till then we had be using our chambership for everything) but as we were relieved on the same night it was not of much use. Returned to barracks Thursday 7a.m. and the same evening escorted the prisoners from the Sikhs guard room to our own guard room. Escort party had a cushy time, returning Saturday. The 1,500 police entraining for Teerugpore the previous evening to join the army.

I started firing for my extra pay, today, and did simply rotten. I am very much afraid I shall not be a first class shot, if so bang goes a chip a week. Still as I have never had it I shall not miss it, but it would be handy. Today I completed my two years service, at least I think so, anyway it will be on Batt. Orders soon, that means a conduct stripe.

Finished firing today and with a bit of luck may be first class.

Went on guard and was over the native prisoners. They went away the same night to Phillour on a court of enquiry. That meant 20 of our men for escort, which makes us more shorthanded than ever. Expect them back about three days time.

Return of the prisoners, some of them got let off. Was warned for guard 8 o'clock at night to go on in the morning. Some scramble to get ready.

Rather a hard guard 1 hour on, two off. Native guard arrived at night, made it a bit easier.

Our escort party arrived from Mesopotamia and we are giving a concert tonight.

Went to the concert last night and enjoyed myself very much. Have not laugh so much for months. Thank goodness I have been struck off quinine at last. How long for I don't know.

Today is the end of the war. I drew rations, I get this job nearly every Sunday as I don't go to church.

Went on guard, very queer all day, could not eat anything. Had temp taken in the evening, was 103.4 and sent to hospital.

Got up and saw the doctor and made me stay in another day. Also had my blood taken.

Admitted into hospital for Malaria. Temp went up to 102 felt very rotten.

On no diet, milk only. Have Quinine twice aday. Feel jolly hungry.

Put on milk diet, that means eggs, bread and butter. Have Quinine three times aday now, makes me feel very giddy.

Put on chicken diet. Tasteless and tough, feel much better. Only have Quinine twice a day now and quite enough to.

Had chicken again today, reads alright, but it is nothing to be compared like you get at home. It is as hard as iron and has not a sorup of taste in it. It is first boiled and then fryed, so you can guess where the taste goes to, I expect I shall be marked out tomorrow.

Last night a Black Krait was killed 4ft 3" in length, very uncommon size. They run from 1ft to 4ft as a rule and are black with white stripes. Their bite is very often fatal. A good many snakes have been killed lately. On Weds. Batt. Orders there was a list of names of men who had completed there two years service and who were entitled to have conduct stripes. Mine dated from the 22nd July 1916, three days earlier than I thought.

Got discharge today and I go out tomorrow. Told by the doctor that I am to go up to Jutogh.

Came out of hospital felt very weak otherwise alright.

Got A.F.C. again, also had two teeth out, not half giving me socks. Saw Sat. Batt. Orders today and I am granted an extra 3d per day for being first class shot from 27/7/18. I wonder how long I shall keep that.

Teeth bled all last night, kept in hospital for the day.

Going to the hills tomorrow night. Busy packing up.

Arrived at Jutogh. Just as we got the kit out of the train, it poured with rain. Everything in our kit was soaked right through.

Saw the doctor, marked M+P and Quinine twice a day. Trying to dry some of my stuff. Have lines right across the room. My only hope is the fire, but as there is six of us here in the same plight, it will take days, as it is very damp here.

Went on bayonet fighting did nothing but charging, nearly killed me. It took me an hour to get back to the bungalow.

Went sick with sore throat, got detained.

Detained again.

Admitted to hospital with Tonsillites.

Still in hospital, only two of us here. Very quite. Spent plenty of money on grub.

Inocculated second time for Typhoid. First done 29th Aug. 1918. Two years ago since I was done for the same thing.

Discharged from hospial and a good job to. Having very nice weather now, hope to see something of Simla soon.

Saw the doctor got attend A. Wire came through from Calcutta to say we could go there for the holidays. Rather a fix, don't know if I can get marked fit for travelling. Very shakey after Quininine.

Got marked M&D. Was told we were to go to Calcutta today, had to go and see the M.O. again to be marked fit for travelling. All O.K. Very lucky to be able to go having come out of hospital only two days. Left Jutogh 6p.m. and arrived at Kalkre 12p.m. after a very tiresome journey. Being a narrow gauge railway, you get cramped up in the small carriages.

Left Kalkre 12-45 a.m. and arrived at Delhi 8-30 a.m. half hour late. Went for a ride round and saw umteen memorials to the Indian Mutiny. A lot of building going on.

Left Delhi 1 a.m. and shall arrive at Calcutta Sunday night if we are lucky. Accident on the line goodness only knows when we shall arrive there.

Arrived at Calcutta 9-30 p.m. Had food sent to one of the stations so that we could commence the fast. Had to stop the train especially for it.

Fasted all day and felt it very much. Went to Mr. Jonahs house in the evening. Broke my fast at the school.

Went to the pictures in the evening. Not so good as those in London.

Went to Mr. Ezras house for tea. Saw a very nice collection of animals that he has. Also had our photos taken. A lot of girls there but I never spoked to any. From there I went to the Bristol Grill for dinner at the invitation of Mr. Perry. Plenty of drink but kept quite sober. The dinner was A.1. After that I went to a dance at the Trocadeno. As I cannot dance I watched it instead. There were not many girls there about 8 but plenty of mothers. Again I did not speak to a girl. About 30 soldiers to 8 girls, what was the good of trying espeicaly as I cannot dance. The dance was over at a quarter to 2 in the morning and I arrived home 3 a.m. the taxi driver having taken one miles outof my way to get extra fare. He got it I don't think and a bit less besides.

Arrived at Ambala 1 p.m. the train travelled at the rate of 20 miles to 21 miles an hour. We shall catch a train for Kalka about 3 a.m. Read the news that Bulgaria had surrendered.

Left Kalka 6-30 a.m. and arrived at Jutogh 1/4 to 1 in the afternoon. Got the hump puker what a journey. From Kalka to Jutogh there are 97 tunnels.

Mail from England. Two letters from Kit and none from Dad again. This makes 5 months since I had a letter from him although he sent me some money about 3 weeks ago still I wish he would send me a letter. We have all been given our war chevrons I have only two blue.

Went for a Route March to-day as far as the outskirts of Simla and I got I got the knock. We also met the C.I.C.

Cleaning up all day for Guard and I am just about fed up.

Went on guard and got off, being cleanest man. Heard the band play on the parade ground after church parade.

It is a holiday throughout India to celebrate the surrender of Bulgaria and the Allies victories. Our Band is going to play in the bandstand at Simla and the drums will play retreat there. I am going if I can. Retreat was at 6-30 p.m. it is now at 6 p.m.

Well I went into Simla yesterday and although I can't say that I enjoyed myself, the place looked very nice. It was a lovely night to see the Sun shining on the hundreds of different colours. I should think there were people from nearly all the countrys in the world. It was a sight worth seeing, it could never be realise in a picture. At night the place was lit up by different coloured lights. Had a very nice tea at the R.A.T.A. and afterwards went to the pictures but they were very far fetch. We deciced to walk home as the train does not leave till 12-30 a.m. We left Simla ten minutes to twelve and arrived back 1-10 a.m. Twenty minutes before the chaps, who came by train. I suppose the reason why I cannot enjoy it so much is because seing all the white people and kiddies reminds one to much of home. When you are away from there one does not think so much. The Salvation Army people here wear clothes after the style of the well to do native.

Went for a Route March through Simla with the band and it look good. Crowds of people lined the road. Holiday tomorrow, we have a holiday every Thursday.

Went on Wireless Guard at night and was very easy. But I wanted to go into Simla to see the Concert Party before they left but of course that stoped it.

Put on Mess Orderly and it is a rotten job. Have to go on all parades, besides having to go a long way to take the guards food. I got a week of it.

Had a Tea fight at the theatre supplied by the ladies of Simla. It is very good of them, but it was a lot of trouble for us. Carting forms and tables right down the road. There was a concert afterwards but did not get a look in, owing to having the Guards tea. Plenty of rumours flying about, the chief one being that Germany had accepted American peace, perhaps very first and last tea fight.

Nearly everybody ill with Spanish Flue and about 20 men left fit for duty. On wireless guard tomorrow. Simla put out of bounds.

Things are very bad here. One chap name Lewis died today of Pneumonia and was buried tonight. He was a Jew and one of our chaps conducted the service. I went as one of the chief mourners.

Two more died today of the same complaint brought on by Spanish Flue. Have heard that they have the Flue at Jullundur. There are only about 20 fit men here and 12 of them on guard. They have been on over a week and the remainder of us was going to relieve them today, but mine had to supply firing party. We may go on tomorrow if there are no more deaths.

Another one dead, to be buried tomorrow.

Within half an hour of going on guard when it was wash-out. Another chap had died.

Just got on guard in time, half an hour afterwards another one died. Shall stay on for some time I expect.

One of the Wireless Sarjeants died of Flue and is to be buried tomorrow.

The Flue is nearly finished and a good many of the chaps have got M&D. So we are being relieved tomorrow. I hope this is the last of deaths. 6 of our chaps have died here and one at Tank.

Came off guard after being on four days. It was a fairly easy one. Was sorry to come off in a way as we don't get messed about as you do when you are on.

Went on Wireless Guard. Soon came round again, even after having four days guard.

Things are very quite at present, the chaps are getting rid of the Flu. Everybody is very cheerful over the good war news. I went on guard this morning and got the stick, it is getting quite common to me now.

What a birthday I am 21 today and the news of the war being over came through last night about 9 oclock. Just my luck I am bungalow orderly today and all the troops have gone into Simla on a special parade. They are not expected back till 8 oclock tonight. I bet they have a jolly fine time.

It was Thanksgiving Day today and it was the C.O. wish all religions should attend, I went. It was a short service and very interesting. The last post was sounded by our buglars.

Mounted guard this morning and got the stick. Very jammy indeed.

Went to a Whist Drive last night, did not do any good. Had a lecture today on Blighty, by Sargeant Shannon who had just come back from there on leave. It was very interesting. Also there was a C.O. Parade in the morning. He only had a few things to say to us. One of them was, that from to-day till till the 2nd Dec. would be a holiday as regards training, usual routine would carry on, such as guards etc. After that we start training again, war or no war.

Batt. Headquarters and C.Coy Headquarters went down to Jullundur yesterday and we have moved to a bungalow lower down. We expect to go down in a fortnights time. It is very cold here now, there is frost on the ground every morning. I came off quinine, thank goodnes, anyway for the time being. I shall not be sorry when I get back to Jullundur and get settled down once again. I ended my ten days holiday with a guard. Some holiday it was to. We had a job to do every day. The only thing was, we did not have to get up early in the morning.

Left Jutogh for Jullundur and arrived there Tuesday morning. Have nothing much to write about the journey. It was very interesting the ride from Jutogh to Kalkre, and from Kalkre to Jullundur we had a proper military train. They are quite good

Went out on a stunt and we had an aeroplane working with us. The same sort of thing tomorrow, no Thursday off now training has started. War or no war, we have to carry on the same out here.

Went on hospital guard. The job is to look after a officer who is suppose to be mad. He was quite enough while I was with him we spoke about various subjects, and the time past very quickly. We mounted in belt and bayonet but that was taken off when we got to the hospital.

Started Coy training today and I was very stiff at the end off the day. The concert party gave a farewell concert in the evening as they are off to Sahore in the morning. It was very flat, the best part was the sketch at the end.

Had very bad news from Kit today. My dear friend Mrs. Chambers had passed away. Died of the flu. Gone and indeed not forgotten. She was like a mother to Kit, and to me, well, she was very dear.

Went on guard today with other chaps of my religion. We always do the guards at Xmas as we have our own holiday. Still it was quite easy on guard.

Had sports in the afternoon and a Medical inspection in the morning and got marked A.1. I did not enter any of the sports but my Coy. got the most marks 52 and Allard in my platoon got the medal for highest number of marks 15, and my platoon made 21 out of the 52, so we did not do so bad. We were top last year. Men who won prizes in last years sports were not allowed to enter into this years sports. I hope this will be the last sports I shall see in the army.

Had fatigue all morning clearing up after the sports. Orchestra concert this evening.

Fired a Feu-de-joie and had a march past. Death of one of our chaps this morning, and was buried this evening. Died of Cancer of the Lungs. Last night D.Coy played in the final in the billards tournament won `30 rupees prize` between the six of them.

The Batt. had its photo taken

Went on guard and got the stick, very lucky. There is nothing much doing now most of the chaps are on different courses, such as bombing and Lewis gun. I am on nothing myself, all I have been doing this week is window cleaning, but I may be on something next week.

Went on police duty down the station to keep the native soldiers in check who are coming back from Mespot.

Had a station orchestra concert this evening and had a very full house. Most of the officers wives being present.

A concert party arrived here to-day, but I shall not go and see them until I have heard what they are like. We have had so many rotten shows here lately.

Heard the party were very good so shall go to-night.

Sussex and 5th Hants arrived here today, to play football against each other for the Indian Army Championship. We have played against the Sussex and lost 2-1 so we are out of it altogether. Winning team goes to England and play there. Hants won 1-0 they got a very lucky goal although they were slightly the better team. It was a jolly fine game. Our Band played during the interval, at half time rather. The concert last night was very good and I shall go again tonight. We are playing the Hants a friendly game tomorrow. What hopes. There were two girls one woman and three men in the show one of the men played the piano.

The Regt. Theatre last night was packed. All the heads were there, General etc. The Brigade sports have been postponed till the 10th Feb. Brigadier inspection in the morning on the 10th Feb.

Went on Station Picquat. The job is to stop native troops who have been demobilised, from looting. Left here about 7 hours arrive back about 11-30 hours. Went down in the afternoon at 16 hours and arrived back past 21 hours. Unlucky that down train being late. While there a special train came in with a Ragher on it. The first time I have seen one like that. It was some carriage I can't describe it. It was simply lovely.

Richy left here for Karachi as a soldier cleark, so I have lost my mate now. Boxing tournament tonight but I shall not go. Had a lot of rain this week three days running, so we had quite a holiday this week.

Went to the Brigade sports not to bad. Splitting headace in the evening owing to the Sun. 15 platoon were first+second in the mile flat race.

Went for a joy ride this morning in a transport cart. The mule drives got run for allowing us to ride in it. There were eleven of us. Some crush.

D.Coy played H Coy for the Coy Cup result 6-0 some score for D we have hopes of wining this cup. But we have to play each coy twice.

Went to the Battalion Cinema last night got home about 12 p.m. They were not so bad had about five or six breakdowns, they will get better in time I suppose. Usual concert tonight. Plenty of breeze blowing about, Generals inspection tomorrow. Full marching order with overcoats.

Some more chaps going home. Lucky devils. The names of the two military trains who carry demobilised troops are the Bombus and Ruardlbus. They are suppose to arrive at Jullundur 8 hours and 16 hours, but 9 times out of ten they are two of three hours late. In fact I been on duty down there when it has been five hours late.

Went on guard and got the stick. Some time ago since I had it. Battery Cpls played our Cpls at football this evening. Got a sweepstake ticket. Battery to win 4-0 some hope. Result Londons won 2-1

Batt. football team played battery team on the own ground. We won 3-1. Last time they played us we lost on our own ground.

Went to orchestra concert as usual.

No P.T. this morning going marking on the range. Did not do any P.T. last week owing to have to do something early in the morning and very nice to.

Kents 1st came to play us at football etc. We lost at shooting, drew at Hockey won at Tennis and lost at football 1-0. We had a sweepstake on, and another chap and myself won it 2R 15A each, that included half time score which was 7A each. They were very lucky to get that goal. At night we played them a friendly game of billiards which we won easy.

No pay today, medical inspection on. Wasted all the morning there and was not done, only A&B, C&D being done tomorrow.

Warned for hospital orderly, some job. Try to get out of it, but it would work. Some of the old orderlys going home.

Went into the officers ward in the morning for about three hours and in the evening went on night duty in the surgical ward.

Had the day off today went to the pictures in the evening and they have improved it.

Went on this morning 9-30 a.m. till 2 p.m. Getting a bit use to it now.

Changed again. I went on medical ward this morning and in a nice mess I was to. I did not know what to do anyway I got through the morning somehow. The pictures were show up here last niight for the patient.

A lot of chaps going home today lucky beggars. Some are being invalided home and others who have been signed on for two years or more.
Officer operated on had to help him in and coming out. I could have seen him done if I liked, but did not fancy it.

Went in night duty last night and kept wake all night. It is the first time I have ever been up all night and kept awake all the time. Had a Sister on night duty as well, to help the other orderly to look after the Officer.

Getting on, bathed three bed patients and rub another three in, with vils had quite a busy morning. One of the patients I bathed was my C.S.M. Talk about crawling, was price that.

Have had nothing of note to put down. We have now started lectures on hospital work I was very undecided whether to go away on leave or to stop here.

No need to worry about going on leave now. Packing up to go to Amritsar. Trouble broken out there.

What a scramble last night. March around the city this morning and wenton the far most piquat. Saw the church burnt to the ground, heard that the person had been killed. Had to toss up whether I should go on guard on the bridge and won. Don't know if I am lucky or not. Hundreds of rumours flying about.

What a night camped in the road and had hardly any sleep, thousands of mosquitos. Marched through the city and saw the two banks and Town Hall and one or two other places wreaked and burnt. Had a house to house search for certain men. Very exciting time. Caught some of the chiq men who cause the trouble. There were about for white men killed, that was done when the trouble first started. We fetch our prisoners back and camped in some very fine gardens, private property. Had very little to eat today also went on generals guard. Rambaur Gardens the name.

Came off generals guard and went on to Telegraph Office guard. Not much grub again had a terrible night with mosquitos. You get flies by day and mosquitos by night. Native troops went down the city and what we can hear about it is that the natives who were holding a meeting would not disperse, so the native troops fired on them. They say hundreds have been killed.

Came back to camp and got our durres bundles for the first time. I have been washing with my handkerchief and eating with a small penknife and I have got a pretty good beard. All this time I have been doing dutys with other Coys. Had mosquito nets given today also some more men come from Jullundur about a hundred and fifty.

Had a fine night last night. Went on train guard nearly as far as Palkansote line was alright but Telegraph wires were down also signal wires were broken down.

Went on station guard pretty easy. A special train came in full of women and children from Lahore as they expect more trouble there. Our chaps releived the S.Langs on the train.

Had a day off except going to the station once, with a message.

Station piquat. Things are quieting down now I think. Trains still have gauards on them. We have tents out at the camp now.

Rest today. Our chaps went down the City yesterday and it appears a white woman was knocked off her cycle in one of the streets and they made all natives who came down that street crawl on their stomaces till they got out of the street. The General had six men arrested for not salaming when he went by. They had half an hour drill under native Sarjent this morning. One chap offered 1 Lase of Rupees to get out of it but he was unlucky. Two guns arrived from Jullundur to day I wonder what is going to happen next.

Station piquat.

Told we have got to stop on here for four or five days as the other chaps are going out for a few days to round up some villages

The chaps came back to day so I expect we shall be releived tomorrow and then we shall go out.

Relived from station saw two natives flogged at the camp.

Started out on a three day stunt in sangers. Arrived at a village and held a durbar. Went further on and made our camp. I and another chap went back to Amritsar on the only ambulance with a sick native soldier.

Left Amritsar about 6-30 and arrived at the camp in plenty of time No breakfast saved for us. Arrived at Altren 2 p.m. Durbar to be held about 4 p.m.

Came back to camp.

Remainder of the Batt. arrived. Left our camp at the park and gone to some schools.

Station piquat D Coy are going to move to another school.

Moved to another school. Thousands of mosquitos there. Had a very busy day.

Station piquat again.

Mobilising for the frontier.

Nothing much doing still plenty of guards and still standing by to 
leave for the frontier.

Packed up all ready to go. D.3 men to Jullundur tomorrow to form a depot. All our kit bags are going. Had a chance to go into the Armoured Car section yesterday at Lahore but did not accept it. I think perhaps it is best to keep with the Batt.

It is two year today since we left for Wazaristan and to-day we leave for Peshawar in field service for Afganistan.

Arrived at Peshawar last night and stopped in the train all night. camped on the rail corse this morning. Moving off again tomorrow morning.

Went on guard in Peshawar City, we releived the 1/4 Queens. We are billeted in a house and expect to stop here about four days. Some more chaps came here to make us strong in case of trouble.

Releived by the Kents this morning and went back to the camp. Pushing up this evening.

Pushing up all last night to go up the line. Some job loading Camels and Mules in the dark. Some left by train this morning and a hundred of us are escorting about 50 Mortar Lorries to Kohat which is 40 miles 7 hours ride went through Kohat pass. One motor nearly went over two wheels hanging over.

Left Kahat for Hangu 28 miles the remainder of the Batt coming by narrow guage.

Left Hangu for Tough camp last night 8 miles away we were rearguard to the brigade . While on the road the Batt pass us by train. We arrived in camp about 12 p.m. Got up again at 3-30 a.m. this morning. 17 miles march to Douba. March 15 and did two in Artillary wagon got the knock. The Brigadier is making an attack tomorrow. Those with bad feet are being left behind. I was one. It is 11 miles to Thaul Fort which is being attack by the Afghans and we are going to releive it.

Went by motor lorry to the other camp near Taul. The bridge was partly destroyed. When we arrived we built a perimeter wall. Went on guard, firing all night in the distance. The fort was releived by the first party who went out 4-30 a.m. this morning a 100 + native troops.

Went out on the river beds the enemy was bombarded by field artillary and mountain battery. So I have been under shell fire. When we came back a lot of chaps went out. The Borders who were with us took one hill and we took another some distance away.

Last night the Colnel spoke a few words from the Brigadier saying how please he was with us for the way we had work. Went out about 3 miles by motor lorry and then went about 4 miles across country to what was the Afghans Camp. There was a lot of tents, shells, two gun carriages etc. I got a shell case and a rifel bullet. We collected the staff that was useful into heap to be taken away next day. We found three wounded Afghans one was so bad he was shot and the other we not expected to live. We also shot two horses who were in a bad condition. To get to the camp we had to cross the river Kuran which was very deep and very swift, and by the way I nearly got drowned. We came back and went on guard.

We move today to another camp just past Thal Fort which is much better being near the river. A lot of stuff was shelled near the fort and caught fire also two motor lorrys. That was befor we came. We have driven the Afghans well back. Had G.O.C. Parade this evening and he thank us for the way we had helped him. He said the Afghans had 69000 men and he offered their General battle but he would not accept as he said we had hundreds of guns. He offered them battle again but it would not come off. We captured their camp and they have gone back over the border. We had only two men wounded and that was by pieces of shell.

At 12 p.m. last night we had a stand to, as two more tribes had broken out. Plenty of wind but nothing happened except the Lewis gun fired at something moving, but it was only a goat. Yesterday all the staff from the Afghans camp was fetch in. The mountain artillary have been shelling villages that sheltered Afghans wounded etc.

On sentry group last night. Night in bed tonight. That is one of the worse things that happen on these stunts, very liitle sleep.

On water piquat this evening and sentry night tonight.

The Borders left us today. Gone back to their station Peshawar. Putting barbed wire intanglements all round the camp. The mail came in today but did not get any letters. Made a Sanger the other side of the road. On orders that we are now the Kohat Kurran Force.

Whit Monday today, we had a treat for breakfast, Coffee. Going on outlying piquat tonight. It is on a hill about 600 yards away.

Had a good night last night, did first turn so was pretty easy. They have started P.O. now, just like at Manszel. I expect we shall have B.1. next. A message was read out yesterday from the G. of C. praising us for the way we marched up here to the releif of Thal. More soft soap.

Went on Sentry Group last night. On orders to be ready to move off at a moments notice. Went out to guard a grave for about two hours. Raining very hard.

On Quarter Guard today and moving tonight thank goodness. Was releived this evening, leaving here tomorrow morning.

Left Thal about 6-30 a.m. and arrived at Kohat 1 p.m. Left Kohat on the broad guage railway 5-30 p.m. The 6th Sussex are following us aft. Thal is 2,554 ft above sea level.

Arrived at Nowshera 2-30 this morning, unloaded the train and loaded the stuff in the open wagons. The Barracks are quite near. The Staffords, Queens, 6th Sussex and us are in the barracks. Slept the rest of the day medical inspection this evening. Artillary are also here.

Had a terrible night, punkers going up to 5 a.m. Very hot in the Barracks still we can take our Helmets off in the day. Waited over an hour and a half for General Beynon, but did not come, just like a General. Medical inspection twice a day to see if you have Cholera. Plenty of natives dying of it up the line, that we think is why we came back so soon. Had some comforts for troops today. 4 packets of Ruby Queen Cigarettes and two boxes of matches. We have had some other comforts hardly worth mentioning.

Rifel Picquat tonight. Fatigues all this morning. Felt an earthquake last night. Bed rocked very much. It turned out to be at Rawal Pindi.

Went on Ice Factory Picquat this evening. The orders are, we were not there to guard the factory but in case of a raid we were to go to the rear of the disturbances and cut them off from retreat.

97 of Devons from Mespot. joined our Batt. today. About 15 came to D. Coy. Have Labour Corps to pull the Punkers.

1 Sgt and 1 Pte left here for Blighty to represent the Batt. in the peace celebrations. They were picked from men who were serving pre war days. They were draw from the hat. The Pte. came from D.Coy. and the Sgt. from A.Coy. Lucky beggars.

Church parade this morning. As usual I was Bungalow orderly.

Have had nothing much to write about, things have been quite here. We have 3/4 hour P.T. in the morning and tonight we have a dog and stick parade. On orders about one of our draft has died at Jullundur of Heatstroke.

Went to the Y.M.C.A. last night and had a nice supper fish etc. and afterwards went to the pictures which were quite good. On Garrison Quarter Guard tonight.

On Guard very warm no punkers working. Latest rumour is that we are going to Decca. The Depot at Jullundur have gone to Dalouse. Purry is in dock and Paget is in charge of the Batt.

Free issue of fags now 4 packets a week and two boxes of matches, how long will it last. At last the news came through that the peace had been signed after so many rumours. Free issue of rum tomorrow night also a holiday.

Went down to the Kabul River, over the bridge of boats and back over the railway bridge. Not to bad, very warm. The river is very swift and fairly wide. I found out afterwards that the other side of the river is out of bounds. Plenty of noise tonight blowing up gun-cotton etc. Went to the pictures (out about twelve) but not much good.

Message from Gen Munro the C.I.C. about our work on the frontier, etc. etc.

Sussex played Queens at football and won 3-1. A very good match.

Went to the pictures and it was a very good program.

Route march this morning had quite enough when I had finished. Got paid to day I had a hundred off my credit and was given a hundred rupee note the No. is F.C. 90813 (now spent July26th)
70 .

Been rather queer this week but am alright now. Nothing much doing.

Gen. Beynon inspection tomorrow but shall miss that, on guard. Suppose to be leaving here on Sunday for Pindi, leaving 1 Nob. stores and 20 men behind.

Gen. Beynon's inspection. Guard was washed out. Holiday tomorrow, peace celebrations.

Went on guard last night some peace celebration today. Had a pint of beer free.

Left Nowshera for Rawal Pindi. Had a Military Train for a wonder and had plenty of room.

Arrived at Pindi this morning. This afternoon I was one of the guard of honour for Sir Hamilton Grant who arrived from Simla to attend the Afghan Peace conference instead of the Viceroy. We have a draft of men from the East Surrys attached to D.Coy. Other Coys have all sorts of Regts. All have come from Mespots. and waiting to go home. Some row there is to.

I dont think I have much to write about. Last night we went on station picquat, as a demobilisation train was coming through. A lot of the Mesp. men are going home now thank goodness. We arrived back to barracks 2 p.m.

Am now working in the Railway Transport Office, Rawal Pindi. I am fed up with keeping this diary so wont put much in it now.

Went on leave to Calcutta from the 12th of Sept. to the 10th Oct. Came back to Dalhousie found all 1914 men gone home and 1915 men ready to go. I go down on Tuesday with a mule having been up here less than a week. Last time I came up here two years ago I was up here two week being recalled for Wazaristan.

Arrived at Amritsar today after a not to bad a march down. Have been told may go home with the Batt.

Certain to go home with the Batt. now expect to leave sometime in Nov. 1915 men who want to go are leaving tomorrow. Mules and Horses went back to Mona today.

1915 men went home to-day.

Stand to with 50 rounds to-day, but nothing happened.

Had four letters containg Birthday wishes.

Good news today C.O. came into the Mess Room and told us we were leaving Wed. for Bombay. Had orders to pack up our Kitbags and all heavy baggage by 8oclock tomorrow.

Taking our Kitbags on the train now. All heavy baggage gone in advance.

My Birthday, today we leave for Bomby. A year ago yesterday Armistice was signed.

What a crush, still we settled down somehow. Some of the chaps have to go on the Bombay Mail lucky beggars no room on the train.

Still going strong.

Arrived at Bombay 9 hours late. Had a medical Inspection and went on board a German Boat named Freadsiohsruk. A lot of woman and children on her and we are very much crowded.

Feel a little bit queer.

Some more room given to us.

All water around.

A bit of excitment today. One of the crew jumped overboard, what for none of us know. He swam about and was picked up by one of the lifeboats.

Sighted land which was proable Aden and the water was like glass. Saw some Whales. 

Getting near Port Suez.

Arrived at Suez going through this evening 255 miles.

Arrived at Port Said this morning, taking on coal and water leaves tonight at 10 p.m. Offices and 1st Class W.O. allowed ashore only.

Left Port Said at 1 a.m. Band played on the deck about 9 p.m.

From 12a.m. yesterday to 12 a.m. today we did 309 miles which is the best she has ever done. Better coal etc.

We did 321 miles today geting on.

Run into a storm.

Much calmer today did 288 miles.

Steering gear went wrong or something getting near Gibralter 288 miles.

Going alright. Passed Gib. while I was asleep, did 290 miles.

10a dispersal area parades on Nr 1 deck which is our deck. Other area's parade elsewhere.

England in sight have been queer the last few days very rough coming through the bay 6,046 N. Miles today. We are not going to dispersal area now but straight to London and we are going to have a Civil reception. Arrived in the Sound about 2 p.m. going off in the morning in Tenders. Up all night tonight blanket etc. given in and rivelly at 3-35 a.m. not worth while getting them again as it is very cold.

Don Jacobs, 2008

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