25th County of London Cyclist Battalion
The London Regiment

25th London Service Numbers

Here are some WW1 army service numbers and the corresponding joining dates for the 25th London Bn.

Service number   Date joined
160 joined up on April 25th 1908
518 joined up on February 11th 1909
692 joined up on February 21st 1910
818 joined up on April 6th 1911
873 joined up on March 14th 1912
965 joined up on May 6th 1913
1039 joined up on January 13th 1914
1109 joined up on August 4th 1914
1842 joined up on December 1st 1914
2105 joined up on January 21st 1915
2142 joined up on February 1st 1915
2171 joined up on March 9th 1915
2336 joined up on April 13th 1915
2438 joined up on May 21st 1915
2517 joined up on June 3rd 1915
2555 joined up on July 13th 1915
2658 joined up on October 23rd 1915
2740 joined up on November 4th 1915
3018 joined up on December 11th 1915
3385 joined up on February 29th 1916
3412 joined up on March 3rd 1916
3832 joined up on April 15th 1916
4019 joined up on May 4th 1916
4223 joined up on September 20th 1916
4342 joined up on November 29th 1916

When the Territorial Force was re-numbered in 1917, the 25th Londons were allocated six digit numbers within the range 740001 to 760000.

However it would appear that the medal cards, where I obtained most of the soldier's numbers, do not always include the early numbers as most men would have certainly joined prior to 1917.

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