25th County of London Cyclist Battalion
The London Regiment


Roll of Honour

The men of the 25th London Cyclist Bn. who lost their lives in WW1

Surname Forenames age Died rank unit Where died
BARBER Ernest Cecil 24 22/10/1918 Corporal 1st/25th Bn. India
BATCHELOR Frank Gilbert 19 5/04/1917 Private    Greece
BATEMAN Hugh 26 3/08/1918 Serjeant 25th Bn. United Kingdom
BELCHER Francis Terence Julian 17 4/02/1917 2nd Lt.    France
BENTON Frederick    3/08/1918 Rifleman 25th Bn. United Kingdom
BEVAN Frank E.    22/06/1919 Private 25th Bn. India
BLACKWELL Bertie Cyril 24 4/02/1919 Private 25th Bn. United Kingdom
BOULTER Sidney Frederick 21 18/02/1917 2nd Lt. 25th Bn. France
BRADBURY William Howard    8/11/1917 Private    Belgium
BRAND Arthur    5/06/1916 Corporal 25th Bn. United Kingdom
BROOKS James    19/02/1919 Private 25th Bn. United Kingdom
BRYANT Frederick Oliver    4/03/1919 Private 25th Bn. United Kingdom
BURTENSHAW Henry Edward (Harry)    21/06/1917 Private 25th Bn. India
COLE William J. A. 23 28/05/1919 Private 25th Bn. India
COLLINS Thomas Hugh 24 8/03/1919 Private 25th Bn. United Kingdom
DALWOOD Robert Stanley 30 15/06/1917 Private 25th Bn. India
DAVENPORT Henry William C.    12/11/1918 Lance Corporal 25th Bn. India
DICKINSON Frederick George    12/12/1917 Private    Belgium
EDMONDS Frederick William    9/06/1919 Serjeant 25th Bn. India
EVANS Alfred G. 30 1/01/1919 Private 25th Bn. India
FRITH Gordon Frederick Taylor 19 21/08/1917 Private 25th Bn. India
GAYLER Herbert Henry (Bert)    23/06/1917 Private 25th Bn. India
GEE George Edward  21 10/08/1917 Private 25th Bn. Pakistan
GLUCKMAN Philip 28 8/10/1916 Lieutenant    France
GRIST Percival Charles Hugh 31 18/09/1918 Lieutenant 25th Bn. France
GRIST Arthur 20 23/09/1917 Private    Belgium
HALLETT Frank 23 25/11/1919 Private 25th Bn. Pakistan
HARDING Herbert Woodward 20 23/11/1918 Private 25th Bn. United Kingdom
HARDS John Frederick Stanley 36 12/04/1915 Lance Corporal 25th Bn. United Kingdom
HARRIS William George 24 30/07/1918 Private 25th Bn. India
HEDGER Walter Stanley    9/02/1916 Private 25th Bn. France
HERBERT Alfred James Anthony    17/09/1917 2nd Lt. 2nd/25th Bn. Belgium
HIGGINS William Henry 22 26/10/1918 Private 1st/25th Bn. India
HOSKING Reginald Luce    12/03/1916 Private 25th Bn. India
HUMPHREYS Cecil Ernest 23 25/07/1918 Rifleman    France
JACKSON Francis    27/09/1918 2nd Lt.    France
JACKSON John Henry 19 21/11/1918 Private 25th Bn. Lebanese Rep.
JAMES Horace Cash    17/06/1920 Private 25th Bn. India
JEAL Cecil Charles 36 8/11/1917 Lance Corporal 25th Bn. Belgium
JENNINGS Arthur William 23 23/10/1918 Private 1st/25th Bn. India
JENNINGS Norman Richard 26 10/08/1918 Private 25th Bn. France
KEMMISH Harold Joe Goodenough 25 14/04/1918 Lance Corporal    France
KNIGHT Frederick James 25 27/06/1918 Private "B" Coy. 25th Bn. India
LAMB Robert James    13/05/1918 Serjeant 25th Bn. Pakistan
LASCELLES Edward Rowley 37 2/09/1918 Lieutenant 25th Bn. France
LEVENTHAL Harry    27/08/1917 Private 25th Bn. India
LEWIS Woolf    21/10/1918 Private 1st/25th Bn. India
LLEWELYN William J 32 23/12/1918 Private    United Kingdom
MACROSTIE Ernest James    21/05/1919 2nd Lt. 25th Bn. India
MATHER George    4/10/1916 2nd Lt. 25th Bn. France
MEALEY Frederick William    7/04/1915 Private 25th Bn. United Kingdom
METAYER Frederick 23 22/09/1917 Private 2nd/25th Bn. Belgium
MILLNE Charles Henry    24/12/1914 Private 25th Bn. United Kingdom
MURAILLE Francois (Francis) Guillaume P.    18/08/1917 Lance Corporal 25th Bn. India
PAINE John Christopher 27 9/02/1919 Private 25th Bn. United Kingdom
PARIS Thomas Augustus 21 25/04/1918 Lance Corporal 25th Bn. France
PITT Bertie Reginald 26 25/11/1918 Corporal 25th Bn. United Kingdom
RADLEY Sidney J.    15/11/1919 Serjeant 25th Bn. United Kingdom
READ Arthur John 25 3/11/1918 Corporal 25th Bn. United Kingdom
RIMBAULT Herbert Frank  29 13/08/1917 Private "A" Coy. India
RUSSELL Charles W. 22 25/07/1918 Lance Corporal     France
SAMPSON Charles Alexander 20 9/08/1918 Captain 25th Bn. France
SAVAGE William Arthur 28 21/09/1918 Serjeant 25th Bn. France
SAYERS George James     5/10/1917 Private 1st/25th Bn. Pakistan
SIDDALL Thomas Arthur 34 17/04/1917 2nd Lt.    France
SIGGERS Dudley 32 1/10/1918 Air Mechanic 2nd Class 1st/25th Bn. / R.A.F. India
SIRIETT George Martin 30 5/08/1917 Serjeant 25th Bn. Belgium
SMETHURST Thomas 23 26/06/1918 Private 25th Bn. India
SMITH Thomas Edward 25 21/10/1918 Private 1st/25th Bn. India
SPROSTON John Colin 24 20/10/1918 Private 25th Bn. India
STAPLETON Nicholas    6/12/1918 Captain 25th Bn. France
STAWELL Frederick James 18 16/03/1915 Private 25th Bn. United Kingdom
STILL Frederick Albert 18 5/11/1918 Private 25th Bn. France
STONE Eric Walker 24 20/06/1917 Private 25th Bn. India
TOMS Ernest Henry    25/08/1918 Private 25th Bn. France
TOOTILL Ernest Henry "James" 19 27/04/1918 Private 25th Bn. United Kingdom
TOWNSEND John    23/02/1919 Private 2nd/25th Bn. United Kingdom
WARNER Charles 30 7/05/1916 Private 25th Bn. United Kingdom
WATKINS Albert Edward    15/07/1916 Private 25th Bn. India
WHITE Frazer Henry 20 25/10/1918 Private 1st/25th Bn. India
WHITE Richard Henry 20 6/08/1917 2nd Lt. 25th Bn. Belgium
WILDSMITH Raymond Charles    7/06/1917 2nd Lt. 25th Bn. Belgium
WILLIAMS Henry John 37 18/07/1919 Private 25th Bn. India
WOOD Herbert    1/09/1918 Lieutenant 25th Bn. France
WOODS Richard Hartland    4/12/1917 2nd Lt. 25th Bn. Belgium


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